A Magical Tour – by Leena Auckel (Adult)

“Grandpa, we are going to the magic show tomorrow, aren’t we?” exclaimed Drake.
Grandpa looked at the earnestness in the eyes of his 8-year-old grandson. He didn’t have the heart to say no, but he had no means to say yes either.
“Get ready tomorrow,” he said nonetheless.
The next day an excited Drake was sauntering down the alley next to his grandpa.
“But Dada! The Magic Show is on the other side!”
“We are taking a shortcut son.”
They veered into a small trail that led to the Botanical Garden. As they advanced further, the air became crisp and the cheerful chirp of birds and a relaxing flow of water from the fountain replaced the sound of racing cars and impatient horns.
“Come, I will show you something. Here touch these leaves!”
Drake touched them and stared in wonder as they instantly closed.
“Dada, are they enchanted?”
Grandpa went a few steps farther and then signaled Drake to come closer.
“Come here, you can’t miss this!” he whispered.
He pointed to a hard, translucent shell-like thing hanging from a twig. Drake watched in awe as it suddenly cracked open and a multicolored wing sprung out. Slowly another wing appeared till a butterfly gracefully flew out.
“This is fascinating!” he uttered, following the butterfly as it happily flapped its wings and flew towards the flamboyant tree. He caught sight of something else floating along, a soap bubble reflecting all the rainbow colours. And more came along bejeweling the garden! He longed to touch them, but they kept gliding higher. Finally he could reach one bubble with his finger and to his amazement instead of popping, it delicately enveloped his hand. The bubble grew bigger and bigger until it engulfed Drake entirely and rose high in the sky for a whimsical ride.
Drake stirred in his sleep, and his grandfather patted his forehead. Tired of running after the bubbles around the garden, he had settled on his grandfather’s lap and instantly dozed off.
“It was magical”, he mumbled in his sleep and Grandpa smiled.

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Leena Auckel

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