A letter from my heart – by Shali Agwera (Middle School)

Snow covered crocus, how beautiful you are. How nice it would be to behold thee in a wintry day. You are like fire in the cold. The night is cold but thy beauty is a fire in my soul.
I live in a far away place. Far from where you are. I can’t behold thee with my naked eyes but I have seen thee in a picture. My broken heart smiles at the sight of thy beauty. My sad eyes are filled with joy because of thee. Whoever has thee in their garden must be very happy. How they long to see thee bloom when winter arrives. I have never seen winter. Where I live the sun scorches,the rain raineth but snow never falls. In its stead are hailstones. I wonder if you can thrive in my country.
Thou art full of determination. The snow around thee is no barrier for thee. I am not like you. I can’t bloom in the middle of snow like you. My body will freeze to death. I long to travel the world someday. I hope to see you.

Learn more about the contest which inspired this story:  Fleur 2020-01 – Crocus
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