A Crown of White – by Daniela Watty (College)

In my final hours, I remember back to the day it began. The days where we were happy. Smiling. How we met. Of course, we didn’t know back then what we would mean to each other. Then came our first kiss. Something unknown. Something presumed wrong. But how could something so wrong feel so right? Sparks flew for me. Did they for you? We spent our days hiding. And our nights embracing each other. The last night we spent together, I wish we didn’t get out of bed that morning. We went into the forest knowing we could be ourselves where no one was watching. We made crowns of baby’s breath. Mine was a mess while yours was perfect. When we returned home, they came for us. A neighbor called them. I screamed your name as they separated us. You tried to calm me down telling me it would be okay. The whole time I was suffering I held it together. Not giving them the satisfaction to see my weakness. And I couldn’t bear breaking and not seeing you again. Then came the news. About how you got what you deserved. About how I’m next. I’m numb to the cold walls around me, just waiting to be with you again. This time we will both have crowns of white.
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