A Crocus for your Thoughts – by Suvindi Semini Senevirathne (College)

It had been a long day at work; the last day before the year-end break. She savoured a few more minutes with the heater on before turning off the ignition and getting out of her car. She hugged her fleece around herself as she made her way to the front door. The path had been cleared out but it would soon be hidden under the snow again. She fished the key out of her pocket as she hurriedly made her way up the pathway. Something in her periphery, however, made her halt in her tracks.
She turned around and her eyes settled on something peeking out from the snow.
A cool, salty breeze waltzed in through the open windows. The back and forth of the waves crashing onto shore and retreating was like a distant metronome.
Shivering, she knelt down and a wave of nausea came over her as she picked up a pair of purple crocuses in her gloved hands.
There was also something in the oven; its aroma wafted through the air. And then, the pitter-patter of feet coming down the stairs.
“Mom, can we go to the beach?”
“Alright, be careful—”
The door slammed before she could even finish. She sighed but not a moment later, Thomas opened it a bit and popped his head in.
“Always,” he said, shooting her a reassuring smile before dashing out again.
She tried to stand up but she stumbled in the snow. She failed to rise again as the gale picked up.
The whine of Leah’s crying echoed around her,
She was finding it hard to breathe; choking on air.
her voice breaking as she tried to explain what happened.
Her temples were pulsing.
The wind was loud in her ears, so were the waves.
Everything was suddenly deafeningly loud.
Everything was suddenly deafeningly loud.
An umbrella bounced across the sand, revealing an empty wooden beach chair.
A car entered the driveway; she couldn’t see it but she heard it.
“Le…ah,” she breathed.
There was no sign of Thomas,
except for a pair of purple crocuses.
Learn more about the contest which inspired this story:  Fleur 2020-01 – Crocus
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