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ZenGarden.club is an ever-growing collection of poetry, haiku, photography, and paintings about gardens and gardeners.  We also present famous gardens, both ancient and modern, alongside visits to the wonderful gardens of our members and contributors.

Like a good garden, our features change with the seasons, and offer something for everyone to enjoy.  Our contests are open to all ages and foster a deep appreciation of the natural world, while allowing artists and writers to make their work known to a wide audience.

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We are delighted to present “Sweet Peas and Bumble Bee” by Heidi Malott as our ZenGarden featured image. Click to learn more about this wonderful artist!

Our winter features include a collection of haiku entitled A Silence of White, a poem about The Wisdom of Flowers, Haiku Honey – an inspiring and helpful treatise on bees, a beautiful Stone Lantern in the Snow photograph and a reminder from Emily Dickinson that Summer will come – eventually! Each picture below is a portal to a new page of garden treasures.  Click on any picture to go deeper!

Covered with Snow

Covered with Snow The poet Juma describes the origin of this poem:  “The first snow fall came in early December this year, in a part of the world where azaleas often bloom until Christmas. The beauty caught us unaware; the

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Plum Blossom and Moon

Plum Blossom and Moon This brief collection of plum blossom haiku celebrates the “Winter Gentleman”.  In the art of Chinese painting, the “Four Gentlemen” are plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. The order of these flowers agrees with their corresponding

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Stone Lantern in the Snow

Stone Lantern in the Snow A beautiful stone lantern is the centerpiece of this composition of light and dark, sunlight and shadow, texture and shape. This photograph from Gibbs Gardens hints at the mystery and magnificence found at all times

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  • Haiku contests – enter a hand-written haiku, combined with any original artistic illustration
  • Poetry contests – submit an original poem in your own handwriting, related to gardens or gardeners
  • Photography contests – take an award winning picture of anything related to gardens
  •  Picture contests – enter original water colors, sketches, oils, line drawings and other visual art medium that celebrates gardens

Celebrating gardens and gardeners with poetry

Click on the title or either picture to enter the Poetry Portal.

We love discovering and sharing poems about gardens and gardeners!  We have many old favorites you’re sure to recognize, including A. E. Housman’s “Loveliest of trees, the cherry now” and “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams.  We also offer exciting new poems by contemporary gardener/poets.  Share gardening wisdom and high art in “Pulling Onions”, or listen in on a “Conversation with Tarahumara Sunflower Seed Packet”.  You’re sure to find something to inspire, delight and bring pleasure.  New poetry is always being added, so tune in frequently!

Between our two lives / there is also the life of / the cherry blossom. – Basho

Haiku is a perfect medium for celebrating gardens and going deeper into the lessons we learn as gardeners.  Gardens change with the seasons, as do we humans.  To enjoy a garden is to pay attention to brief moments of magnificence, while also learning patience and wisdom.  All these characteristics of gardens and those who grow them and love them provide wonderful material for haiku.  From the old masters to the three lines you wrote in your garden yesterday, we enjoy sharing the ever growing collection of haiku in our Zen Garden.

Mason bee peering over the edge of a leaf, happy it’s not raining. – Photo by Rusty Burlew at Honey Bee Suite

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Gardens and cameras are perfect partners.  The wonder of a garden increases with time, as we view magnificent landscapes, closeups and special effects in stunning pictures created by the miracles of today’s photographers.

Enter this portal if you want to be amazed and inspired.  Our photographers range from gardeners snapping photos in their backyard to professionals whose specialty is flower photography.